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Charlie Tennessen, the "Friendly Farmer" of Mount Pleasant, shares his seed to table approach to cooking on Anarchy Acres, the animal-powered homestead where Charlie grows much of the food that he eats. Sourdough bread made with nineteenth-century wheat, exquisite pizza baked in the farm's wood-fired brick oven, and tacos created with home-grown tortillas are just a few of the recipes shared in this colorful book. Kitchen Chaos provides a road map for people, regardless of where they live, to participate more in their own food system. Health, well-being, and great taste all come together in these illustrated, easy-to-follow recipes.

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Turkey Red flour which originated from certified seed produced with the assistance of the agriculture school at Kansas State University. We grew this on our Spring Street field as well as a new field on 8 Mile Rd. Both fields produced excellent grain and the 2016 Turkey has a higher protein content and is easier to work with than the 2015 crop.