2 lb bag, Stone Ground Red Fife Flour, 92% extraction, FREE SHIPPING

Red Fife flour from our 2020 crop on the Newman Rd field.
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2 lb bag, Wisconsin No 2 Flour, 92% extraction, FREE SHIPPING

Wisconsin No 2 is a selection of Turkey Red that began in 1905, when the University of Wisconsin sought out a Turkey Red cultivar suitable for growing in Wisconsin's climate. Wisconsin No 2 was released in 1917 and was grown in the state for a few years until the Wisconsin market changed over to soft red winter wheat around WWII. In 2015 we requested a 5 gm sample of Wisconsin No 2 from the USDA Small Grains Collection and began growing it out. Wisconsin No 2 produces flour with 1-2% higher protein than the Ehmke Turkey Red we have been selling up until now. The 2020 crop, although small, is excellent quality. It came out of our Newman Rd field which has been chemical free for 15 years

Two Pound Flour Combo Pack, 92% Extraction, FREE SHIPPING

Two pounds each of Red Fife, Wisconsin No 2, and Marquis flour in 92% extraction. The perfect gift for bakers, and a great way to sample these three legendary wheat varieties.